Wash Care for Mamie and Florrie Yarn

Machine Washing

I have to admit that I do wash my hand knit socks on a 30° machine wash with my usual wash load. However, I put my socks in a small laundry bag to remind me not to put the socks in the tumble dryer.

Always use a gentle spin to avoid agitation and pilling of fibres, please note I only machine wash sock yarn.

Hand Washing

If you prefer to hand wash your knits this is how I recommend you do so;

  1. Fill a clean sink with luke warm water with a small about of wool wash such as Soak Wash or Eucalan, these liquids require no rinsing. Ecover Wash for Wool and Delicates is also suitable for handwashing but does require rinsing after soaking, it can be used in the washing machine too.
  2. Place your knits into the soapy water and press down to submerge fully.
  3. Leave your knits to soak for about 15mins before removing from the basin. If your detergent requires gentle rinse all the bubbles out. Gently squeeze (never wring) the water out as much as you are able.
  4. Place your knits on a clean and dry towel, roll the towel and gently squeeze the towel to remove more moisture. If your item is a larger item you may need a few towels to complete the process.
  5. Place your knit on a blocking mat (I use Interlocking floor mats for children) and allow to dry.

Tumble Drying

Do not tumble dry your hand knits - they will shrink and felt!


I do not recommend ironing knitted items. If you feel you must to press your knits use a cool iron and very gently press, place a clean cloth between your knits and the iron plate. Avoid ironing if your yarn includes nylon.


Do not use bleach for stain removal - this will remove the colour from your yarn and damage the fibres.

Dry Cleaning

Do not dry clean your hand knits.