Learning to Knit and Crochet

I am often asked how to start learning to knit or crochet, here’s a handy list to help.

A Knit Group

One of the easiest (and possibly the most fun way) is to learn from someone who already knits / crochets and who can sit with you and help you out. I can wholly recommend joining a local knitting group for help, laughter and fun. These friends will become friends for life as you already share a major interest in life and will no doubt have many more.

Look online for your local knit group, you can ask at your local yarn store too. Also try looking on social media, there will be a link out there somewhere and take a look at EventBrite. Your local yarn store may also offer 121 lessons which you can have before joining a knit group, whichever is best for you.

For both knitting and crochet Ravelry is a great tool to find patterns, yarns, meet online groups and chats to help. 

For further handy tools see below. Please note; book links are for Amazon as easy reference, try your local book shop, charity shop and try Hive.co.uk first to help small independent stores.

Learning to Knit 


Erika Knight – A Complete How to Knit Workshop 

Erika Knight – Simple Colour Knitting

You Will be Able to Knit by the End of This Book

Vogue Knitting – Learn to Knit Book : The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

The Knitter’s Dictionary – Knitting Know How from A – Z


The Knitter Magazine 

Simply Knitting Magazine



Very Pink Knits 

Stephen West Tutorials 

Learning to Crochet 

Pauline Turner – Beginners Guide to Crochet

You Will Be Able to Crochet by the End of This Book

Erika Knight – Simple Crochet – A Complete How to Crochet Workshop

Sue Pinner – Granny Squares 


Bella Crochet tutorials

Knitiversity again, they do crochet tutorials too!


SImply Crochet

Inside Crochet 

I hope this helps and you love every minute!