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Ice Swim at Combs - DISCO NEON!

Ice Swim at Combs - DISCO NEON!

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Neon neps on ice cool blue!  Shine a UV light on your yarn and it glows in the dark!
Perfect for those summer festivals, silent discos...

100 grams 400 metres 
85% superwash merino 15% Neon Donegal Nep
Needle / Hook size 2.5 - 3.5mm

Here's the inspiration location, a favourite swim spot!  minder.hedgehog.tourist

Yarn perfect for shawl knitting, it has a beautiful drape and super soft handle. Why not knit a one skein shawl or knit with several colours for a larger shawl such as the Holey Chevrons shawl or the Striped Esjan shawl?

Please note all of these skeins are hand dyed therefore are unique. If you are using more than one skein in your project I recommend you alternate skeins regularly in your work.


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