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Mamie and Florrie

The Doctor's Gate - Luxury Yak Sock

The Doctor's Gate - Luxury Yak Sock

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Have you walked the Doctor's Gate walk up to Bleaklow in the Peak District? The colours of the hills and nature of the Roman Road from old town Glossop are blended into this beautiful yak base. Here's the exact spot ///controlled.remit.monopoly/// or go for the walk following this route.

Yak is naturally a strong fibre and makes the softest and most luxurious sock - with 10% nylon it is super strong.

This would make amazing socks, such as Manhole by Jane Murison but due to the softness of the yarn it would also make the most gorgeous draping shawls.

Check out ///party.detail.thrusters/// to find the exact spot for inspiration.

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