June 2023 News - Introducing Geo-Metry Cocoons and Turtles

June 2023 News - Introducing Geo-Metry Cocoons and Turtles

And summer is finally here!

I did cheat a little recently and I had a little holiday since we last spoke, to grab some summer sun.  My husband and I had a week in Kefalonia to celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary.  It was a lovely break, a complete rest, relaxation and opportunity to knit!  

It was also the perfect opportunity to be inspired by new scenery, and capture some wonderful colours which I will translate into yarns. I have already started to dye some new colourways for Cumbria Wool Gathering which is coming up very soon.

If you are keen to see more, I’ll be posting new colourways in the days leading up to Cumbria. So if you want to keep your eyes peeled, give me a follow on Instagram and Facebook searching for @mamieandflorrie for colour updates.


Introducing Geo-Metry Yarn Cocoons and Turtles

If you have known me for a while you may be familiar with the leather yarn holder you see me using on Instagram - the Cocoon.  Mine is a much loved gift which I have use on a daily basis and is much admired.  So admired that I have now sourced them from the Danish designer Geo-Metry in Denmark, and they have landed with me at Mamie and Florrie.  I am totally in love with them!  

Geo-Metry is a small Danish company rooted in the Scandinavian Design Spirit, with a belief in simplicity, aesthetic and functionality.  Georgiana’s hand crafted products are the perfect example of this theory. She believes in slow fashion and zero waste, so much so that my stock has been made to order.

Designed to be the ultimate yarn holder, they are the perfect solution for carrying and stopping balls of your yarn from rolling away.  The leather yarn holder has a strap so you can hang it up, or you can carry it on your wrist and knit while walking about - like I do at shows!

I have four colourways available; Olive Green, Black, Natural Light Tan and Mustard.  I think you will agree they are the most beautiful yarn carrier and something you will treasure for life.

They are a substantial size, large enough to hold two yarn cakes, 16.5cm in diameter and 16.3cm in height, and are hand made using vegetal tanned leather.

You could even make a little complimentary cotton bag to hold your yarn, if you so desire - I am quite tempted to use mine as a handbag too!

I have a limited number of Cocoons available so if you would like one please be quick - a mustard colourway has gone as I write!

I am also introducing the Geo-Metry Turtle to my range.  The Turtle yarn winder is an ideal addition to your kit - especially if you are travelling this summer.  

Useful for winding skeins of yarn or scraps, it is easily portable and convenient when travelling.

Like the Cocoon they are handmade to order in vegetal tanned leather.

To use just secure the end of your yarn under the small flap on top of the turtle and wrap your yarn around the leather arms. Voila, you have a travelling wool winder!

Height - 9.5cm

I have Turtles available in Fuschia Pink, Natural Light Tan, Black and Olive.

Bird and Blend Tea Sachets

How exciting!  I will be including a delicious Bird and Blend “Dozy Girl” tea bag in your parcels from today.  The “Dozy Girl” blend is a perfect night time tea - a soothing, sleepy time blend of chamomile, lavender and rose.  I’ve sampled it and I am hooked.  If you love a wind down tea then you will love this blend to sip while knitting before bed.

I really like the Bird and Blend range of teas and I like their business ethics. Sustainably sourced with an ethical philosophy at the heart of it’s soul, it is a tea shop I love to have a browse in when I am in town.  

You can read more about their story by clicking in the link below and I will help you sample one their fine brews.

Have you seen this too?

Did you see Stephens West’s mini tutorial to show you how to avoid running out of yarn while casting long tail method?  Perfect for casting on socks, I’ve saved this into my favourites in Instagram and linked it here for you too - it’s fab.

 Have you also seen Summer Lee Knit’s new sock pattern? I love them!  Linked below in the references too.  

Charlotte Stone (aka @stoneknits) has an adorable new sock pattern in the making - look at these and with little boucle sheep, oh my!  These are perfect for warm winter wear and Christmas gifts…

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