Hi, my name is Amy and Mamie and Florrie is my crochet label.

I trained at the School of Textiles and Design at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh specialising in garment manufacture.  I worked in the clothing industry and travelled the world to see how the clothes our children wore were made.

A few years on and I still have a passion for colour and textiles; the smell, the handle and the visual aesthetics of fibres and yarn.  With teenage children of my own now, I chose to work closer to home and crochet at every opportunity.

I make to order; a limited number of items can be found in my Etsy shop but I mainly sell direct to customer and take commissions.

For enquiries please contact me via

And here’s Mamie and Florrie.

Mamie was my adorable Grandma sat to the bottom left with horn rimmed specs!  Florrie (Great Aunty Florrie) stands behind Mamie. Florrie was my Grandad’s sister, his other sister far right, Great Aunty Mary.  My Grandad was the youngest of eleven children.  And that’s me sitting on my Grandad’s knee.  Mamie, Florrie, Mary, my Grandad George.  They were very special people. We can’t remember who the lady in the middle was, oops!